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Jeff's Poetry Page


Welcome to my disjointed little world. Herein you will find poetry that I have published (through "The International Library of Poetry," and "") as well as some that I have not. I have also included some postulations on the nature of Humankind, and a novel I am currently trying to work out. As always, I ask that you respect the copyrights. Unregistered copyrights are NOT free-game. 

Give the credit where the credit is due. Do not claim these works as your own--or as anyone else's. Do not misunderstand me, I am not making it requisite for you to ask my permission to use the poems contained herein, PROVIDED you follow certain  guidelines:

            1 - At the bottom of my pages--the one here, and the ones inside--is a means of contacting me, e-mailing me. If you wish to
                  use a poem (or other work), just click on the link to send me an e-mail letting me know which poem you intend to use,
                  and for what purpose you intend to use it.

            2 - My works may not be used for your monetary gain without my written permission. This means:  you are NOT allowed to
                  sell them (any and/or all of my works), you are not allowed to use them to sell anything, and you are not allowed to use
                  them on an internet site (or any other form of media) where viewers are charged to gain access, admission, or

I am not asking for much. Indeed, I am asking for less than a copyright entitles me. I am capable, and it would be well within my rights to do so, of entirely prohibiting everyone from using any of my works--I am not doing that. So, that having been rambled, I hope that you are still able to simply enjoy what is here. If you enjoy it so much that you want a copy, feel free--just let me know, cite me as the author, and don't charge any price.

Yours, Jeff

27 August 2002

Disclaimer--On a note of clarification: While much of my poetry is based--in part--upon experiences I have had (I hold that the life experiences of the author will always influence the written word to some degree), and while you are entitled to your own interpretations, I would remind you that, not only is it impossible for you to know to what degree a certain experience of mine has influenced a given piece, you cannot even know WHAT experiences of mine have influenced that piece. It is also best to keep in mind the notion that any resemblance of aspects in each piece to aspects of reality is likely to be purely coincidental. My works may be influenced by experience, but they remain largely fictitious.


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